Monday, September 29, 2014

[NEWS] BEAST Kikwang's Cousin Kang Debuts in New Group ZPZG

Kang, a member of the freshly debuted boy group ZPZG, is revealed to be the younger cousin of BEAST’s Lee Kikwang!

ZPZG (Zest Play Zest Grow) is a 4-member boy group consisting of Khan, Kang, Gyeom, and Jihoon. The group made their debut on September 26th with “Go Crazy” as their debut title track.

Upon the debut of ZPZG, BEAST’s Lee Kikwang congratulated his younger cousin Kang, and tweeted a special post on his personal Twitter to ask fans for their support. In addition to uploading a photo to show that he is listening to ZPZG’s debut single, Kikwang added:

“My younger cousin Na Kang!! He debuted and the album is out too ^-^~! Please show lots of interest and love ^-^~!”

Lee Kikwang had also uploaded a selca of the two of them on Instagram 2 months ago, displaying their close brotherly relationship. He also captioned the photo, “With Changeob~-~ Changeob-ie fighting!!!!!” Being a senior of the K-pop industry, Kikwang must have given his younger cousin some good advice before his actual debut into the industry.

ZPZG’s Kang also confirmed their relationship afterwards on Instagram, uploading another selca of them from the same meeting.

Kang expressed his utmost thanks to his older cousin, “I received support from Kikwang hyung, so I’m thankful. I’m full of fighting spirit, so I will work hard !!!!!! BEAST fighting!! Kikwang-ie hyung fighting!! ZPZG fighting!! #B2ST #BEAST #BEAST #LeeKikwang #hyung #support #GoCrazy #support #GOCRAZY #thankyou #ZPZG #zpzg”

Many BEAST fans have also left encouraging comments on Kang’s Instagram post.

Do you see the resemblance between the two? Kikwang and Kang, the double “K"s, definitely share the same eyes!

Also, have you watched ZPZG’s debut music video "Go Crazy”?

credit: Koreaboo


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